Employment Support

Serving welding related needs-from training welders, supervisors, engineers to developing processes and quality practices and to offering skilled and employable candidates from placement pool.

Knowledge Partnership

Entrepreneurs in vocational education have various options for AdorWAC partnership to provide the entire gamut of creating, executing and sustaining welding related vocation programs.


AdorWAC's 60 years experience makes it an ideal advocacy partner to articulate & strengthen skill mission policies and practices.

Academy Milestones

May 112012


With a vision that will distinguish the ACADEMY as an outstanding reservoir of learning, knowledge and service across the globe.


1st Graduate Certificate Program

MOU concluded with an Engineering college for Graduate Certificate in Welding Production- for BE final year students.


Ador Welding Academy Joins NSDC

Ador Welding Academy is teaming up with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to train more than 14,000 people in welding.
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