AdorWac is committed to build its equity on the worthiness of its trainees for the potential employers. Our programs are directed towards the value chain of occupation standards- job roles- competencies. Our objective is to deliver employable technicians who should be the industry preference. Following will be the process to achieve this objective -

We invite the Recruiters / Corporates HR to register their requirement under the AdorWAC Talent Pool for availing of our manpowerrequirement services for Welders, Welding technicians, Supervisors/ Shift in-charges, Engineers for Production and Quality Management. Such information about requirement from HR should be registered with AdorWac at least 2 months ahead of the employment date.

AdorWac will also assist the employer with services to ensure that AdorWac supplied personnel satisfactorily meet the stated needs.

Fill up the AdorWAC MANPOWER REQUISITION FORM for manpower requirement