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Ador Welding Academy Pvt Ltd (AdorWAC) is a start-up company and has chartered a very promising growth trajectory for itself, in the domain of education and consultancy. The education sector business in India over the next decade is projected to be over 25 billion USD- and a major component of this is going to be in the vocational skill development sector.

The National Manufacturing Policy formulated by the Government of India, has set a goal of improving the manufacturing sector's contribution to 25% of the national GDP by 2020. Being more completely integrated with design and manufacturing cycles of products, welding is considered crucial to improving life-cycle costs, quality and reliability of manufacturing goods. However, the "People Issue" is considered to be biggest hindrance to implementation of high quality welding technologies in manufacturing. The reasons are not difficult to understand, Engineers employed in the welding field have been educated in a variety of disciplines, but rarely in welding. Workers who do the actual welding have usually learned their skills on the job; only occasionally through apprenticeships or formal welder training.

To handle the challenge of such scale and complexity requires an institution to provide focused efforts and move beyond traditional delivery models. It was with this intent that AWL, established the Ador Welding Academy Private Limited (AdorWAC) as a 100% subsidiary on 11th May 2012. At its well equipped Pune campus, AdorWAC caters to informed, demanding and resource seeking customers who are at the cutting edge of metallurgy and metal fabrication technology. AdorWAC forms the backbone of their quest for new generation products, welding techniques and correct welding procedures.

The Skills & Competencies required to execute the Mission, Vision and Values of AdorWAC will essentially be a Strategic business mind with a bias for Innovation at the Top Management level, Transformational Managerial skills & deft Team handling at the operations management levels and respective skills in the discipline of Content creation, Instruction design and effective Teaching skills in vocational education for student groups from school drop-outs to graduate engineers. Candidates with experience and skills required to execute Consultancy and Research projects in Welding, would also be sought out by AdorWAC. Support services skills will be critical enablers for delivering the services at AdorWAC.

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